In 1999 a group of friends started meeting at Carambola in Waltham for lunch on a weekly basis. We were all in the software industry and experiencing the direction the industry was going we talked about forming our own business. Our research found that Small Off and Home Office (SOHO) businesses had been hard hit by the economy and were being overcharged for services provided by big business.

As we plotted our escape from the grips of horrible management practices that produced buggy products, we found SOHO businesses didn’t always understand their market and who their customers were. We also found a large number of these businesses were being over charged for hosting and services for their web sites.

The group had a Director of CS and TS, QA manager, two engineers and joining us later was a database guy. We knew with our combined talents we could launch a company designed to help the SOHO market with web presence, understand their target market and know who their customers were.

We offer full service web design and implementation. We can design a company logo, design and implement a web site, create a Customer Relations Management (CRM) Database host your web site and the founder Bena Phillipo has a degree in Advertising Photography and ran her own company before getting into the software business, this gives us the ability to photograph your products, personnel or place of business for publishing on the web.

We can design a CRM system to track your customers purchases, buying habits and hot products you sell. This information will help marketing to your customer base and increase your sales.

Let us design for you!Sign up today for a free consultation and you could be a proud owner of a new web site! We offer all services including shots of your products.Webmail!Sign up for webmail mail today and receive 20MB of FTP storage for just $7.95 a month!